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Uncovering the significance behind systems thinking

Two people working together to assemble puzzle pieces

How I’m learning to be more intentional about giving and receiving feedback

This image depicts a template for a design critique. There are two grids — one for the “Delta vs. Plus” critique model and another one for the “I Like, I Wish, What If” model.
Notes for a design critique

How to stay current with new tools and techniques

A coffee mug and a laptop computer against a sky blue background.
Illustration by Vijay Verma (Ouch/Icons8)

Continuing work on a project post-hackathon

A beginner’s guide to getting the most out of testing

A researcher analyzing data from a mobile phone app.
Source: ManyPixels

A versatile and user-centered approach to consider

A man with red hair, a gold shirt, and teal pants presenting image and text content on a webpage.
Source: DrawKit

Finding high-quality, reliable fonts

A series of fonts laid out vertically from a type foundry called The League of Moveable Type.
A snapshot from The League of Moveable Type site

The Webflow logo against a blue background with the text “User-Centered Tips” at the top and “Part 1” in the bottom corner.
Webflow Logo: Ruby Shore Software

How to ease the nerves and host a successful meeting

A colorful illustration of an individual sitting at a desk talking to peers on a video call.
Source: DrawKit — Education & Online Learning Pack

Solving key problems to enhance clarity and readability

The subtitle “Navigation Bar” appears in caps above the title “Iteration Walkthrough” against a purple background.

Celine Fucci

A detail-oriented product designer focusing on design systems, interactions, and research — celinefucci.com

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