Why Design Matters

A collage of images representing several initiatives that have leveraged design for the greater good.
IDEO + Biden-Harris logo (left), Climate Designers (center), Health Design Thinking + Food by Design (right)

What’s Been Sparking My Interest Lately

IDEO’s Food by Design

A bowl of soil with various food sources conveying that our food system is not broken but working exactly as designed.
Source: IDEO

Managing Diabetes Care Through Human-Centered Design

An individual using an app on their phone with a cutting board and an avocado in the background.
Source: IDEO

Climate Designers

“We are climate designers” set in large, all caps text against a blue, purple, and pink gradient background.
Source: Climate Designers

Health Design Thinking

The book cover for Health Design Thinking containing a drawing of a stethoscope with a heart and other shapes against a grid.
Source: MIT Press

The Biden-Harris Design Team

A collection of bright, colorful, and uplifting Instagram posts representing the Biden-Harris campaign.
Source: Hunter Schwarz
Prioritizing accessibility with toggles for high contrast and a large font size
Well-balanced interactions allow the site to stand out

Design for Impact



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