Why Design Matters

A look at the impact design has recently made on society

A collage of images representing several initiatives that have leveraged design for the greater good.
IDEO + Biden-Harris logo (left), Climate Designers (center), Health Design Thinking + Food by Design (right)

What’s Been Sparking My Interest Lately

A bowl of soil with various food sources conveying that our food system is not broken but working exactly as designed.
Source: IDEO

“…how we grow, distribute, and access food will shape the future of our communities, businesses, and planet.”

— from the Food by Design website

“As little as 15% of people with diabetes receive adequate education from their healthcare providers on managing their disease and making recommended lifestyle changes.”

An individual using an app on their phone with a cutting board and an avocado in the background.
Source: IDEO

“One recently widowed 70-year-old woman emerged from depression, returned to swimming, and started having regular blood sugar readings.”

“We are climate designers” set in large, all caps text against a blue, purple, and pink gradient background.
Source: Climate Designers

Health Design Thinking specifically addresses the unique challenges surrounding the healthcare space, such as reducing medical errors, reimagining hospital waiting areas, and creating innovative products that improve comfort and efficiency.”

The book cover for Health Design Thinking containing a drawing of a stethoscope with a heart and other shapes against a grid.
Source: MIT Press
A collection of bright, colorful, and uplifting Instagram posts representing the Biden-Harris campaign.
Source: Hunter Schwarz

“The campaign’s visual identity was loose with brand guidelines, it tried new things, and it imagined a new political visual language that draws from sources like popular music and culture as much if not more than politics.”

Prioritizing accessibility with toggles for high contrast and a large font size
Well-balanced interactions allow the site to stand out

Design for Impact



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